The Brand

Our Inspiration
In an era of fast moving fashion trends the wristwatch remains a defining means of personal expression. Besides accurately telling time it communicates a sense of style that clearly empathizes on one’s ethos.
Based in Bern, Switzerland MQT Horlogère Suisse focuses on creating watches using the best materials. Our goal is to offer you a high quality watch for an affordable price.
Since we can address our customers directly through social media, we don’t need middlemen, who add crazy margins and push up prices in the standard sales channels.  Not with us.  Direct interaction with our customers (online or in select boutiques) enables us to offer our Community Watches at unbeatable prices.
What does MQT mean?
MQT has two meanings. It’s an abbreviation of Mousquetaires, the French for musketeer. The watch company was founded by three of us (the three musketeers) and we have continued to develop it together over the last months.  In that time we have been joined by more musketeers and sadly a few have left us too. MQT also stands for ‘mastering quality timepieces’ – for exquisite quality and distinctively designed watches made in Bern, Switzerland.
Origin of the Watches
Every model is developed in our studio and workshop in the heart of Switzerland. From the initial sketch to the prototype and final design our dedicated design team work closely together to ensure that everything is perfectly matched.
Why MQT?
If you are not impressed by expensive status symbols, and seek a Swiss handcrafted watch built to last and love: look no further. After all, luxury is a very personal perception and to us, it is a promise. A promise that our products are of the highest esteem based on its elegant design and quality, derived from the excellence of Swiss craftsmanship.
What we promise
Our Swiss Made watches are assembled in Switzerland and passed through various quality controls. “Swiss Made” is an indication for precision recognized worldwide who guarantees a technically perfect watch. We offer you a highend quality watch at a reasonable price.